supporting youth
MIssoula Mavs, helping our youth since the 60’s

The Missoula Athletic Council �Mavericks� are a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that has been supporting athletics in western Montana for over 40 years.

Our mission is to provide young athletes with the resources they need to compete and excel in the sport of their choice. We provide financial support for individuals, teams, and clubs. Youngsters supported by the Mavericks have gone on to state championships, college scholarship, and even and Olympic gold medal

President: Scott Johnson
Phone (406) 480-MAVS (6287)

Vice President: Curt Temple
Phone (406) 480-MAVS (6287)

Secretary: Doug McCullough
Phone (406) 480-MAVS (6287)

Treasurer Larry Walters

Vern Argo
Bob �Doc� Miller
Curt Temple
Jack Henry
Bill �Tibby� Thibeaux
Doug McCullough
Dave Skilling

Our roots
In the early 1960�s a small group of businessmen discerned a need to help youngsters that wanted to participate in athletics but didn�t have the means to afford the equipment and expenses needed to get involved in sports.

At first the Mavs collected donations from local business and distributed them to the kids that needed it the most. After a few years, the demand for their assistance outweighed donations, so they embarked on a fund raising strategy to increase the scope of the program.

From left to right: John Roberts, Doug Lawrence, Unknown, Tom Davis, Billy Duqal McFarland, Bill Jones, Naseby Rhinehart, Jiggs Dahlberg, Andy Cogswell, Gene Clawson, Alex Stepenzoff, Percy Thibodeau, Jack Thibodeau, Unknown, Fritz Thibodeau, Bill Morrison

Our Goal
Our goal over the last 40 years has been to provide youth with the means to participate in sports, offering them an opportunity to choose a sport that motivates them to excel.